Recorded Talks

I have given a number of talks on varied topics around the world, some of which were recorded. Here are a collections of my recorded talks.

My Keynote at the University of Galați international conferernce, Across Cultures: Intercultural Communication in a Borderless World 2020

Cite as: Curry, N. (2020) Developing Learners as Global Citizens: Embracing Distance Learning in Language Education, University of Galați Nov 27 2020

My talk at the Coventry University Faculty of Arts and Humanities Seminar Series October 2020

Cite as: Curry, N. (2020) Question illocutionary force indicating devices in academic writing, Coventry University, Oct 7

My talk at the Brazil Cambridge Day 2020

Cite as: Curry, N. (2020) Addressing a unique language learning challenge: language learning anxieties and virtual classrooms, Cambridge Day Brazil, Cambridge University Press, July 23

My talk at the Cambridge at Home Experience 2020

Cite as: Curry, N. (2020) Speaking to the screen: overcoming challenges in developing conversation skills in virtual contexts, Cambridge at Home, Cambridge University Press, May 15

My plenary at DCAD 2020

You can find the video of my plenary talk here.

Cite as: Curry, N. (2020) Writing a PhD: Reflections on a complex process, DCAD Conference, Coventry University, March 24

My talk on teaching grammar at Camrbidge, 2019

Cite as: Curry, N. & Dembry, C. (2019) Getting your Head around Grammar, FacebookLive Cambridge University Press, University of Cambridge, August 7.

My talk on rhetoric in academic writing at Cambridge, 2018

Cite as: Curry, N. (2018) Rhetorical Readers in Academic Writing: A Corpus-based Contrastive Analysis of Reader Engagement in English, French and Spanish, Cambridge Academic Online Conference, University of Cambridge, November 2.

My talk on helping learners organise their thoughts at Cambridge, 2018

Cite as: Curry, N. & Clark, T. (2018) ‘I don’t know what to say’ – helping your learners organize their thoughts, Cambridge Assessment English, University of Cambridge, October 15.

My talk on developing speaking skills at Cambridge, 2018

Cite as: Curry, N. (2018) Developing Speaking Skills in the ELT Classroom, Better Learning Leadership Network[webinar], University of Cambridge, September 18.

My talk on exam preparation at Better Learning, 2018

Cite as: Curry, N. & Clark, T. (2018) Best Practices for Exam Preparation: Focusing on the Human Learner, Better Learning Conference 2018, University of Cambridge, June 25.

Organized webinars

Beyond my own talks, I have organised other webinars online.

Thornburry, S. (2019) SLA and Online Language Learning, OLLReN Spring Webinar, Cambridge, February 12

Schmidt, A. (2018) Hot Topics in Online Language Learning, OLLReN Spring Webinar, Cambridge, March 8